Monday, December 3, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Well, we got our first big snowstorm for the season this weekend. It rained for a while, and then it turned cold ... so we got freezing rain. Not fun. Then it snowed on top of a layer of ice. We didn't venture outside the house on Saturday - Cory studied and I watched some college football (and cleaned, my favorite Saturday activity). Both our phones rang Sunday morning as we were trying to convince our bodies to get out of bed - it was people from our ward telling us that church was canceled. I thought Cory was playing a joke on me - I must have asked him like 5 times if he was kidding. No jokes - church was actually canceled since the roads were so bad and it was so cold. So we stayed in all day Sunday - I even did some scrapbooking! I can't ever remember a time that church has been canceled - so yesterday was a first for me. It started raining again and most of the snow washed away before we got around to taking a picture - but never fear! We're still under a severe weather alert - more snow is coming our way :)