Saturday, June 26, 2010

3 months

Well, I was intending to do a post for Spencer's 2 months, but our computer broke. We ordered the replacement part twice and both times they sent us the wrong thing. Finally, after like 3 weeks and mounting frustration, we finally got the right part. So... we finally got internet and our computer is working again. Knock on wood :)

He'll be 12 weeks old on Monday. I can't believe it. Everyone always says they growp up so fast, but it's different seeing it firsthand. Spencer is developing quite the little personality. He's very smily and very chattery. He loves to make noise and loves to drool. He's doing better sleeping at night, though he does like to wake up at 5:30 am (I however, do not!) He's finally taking naps during the day and we're getting a little more on a schedule.
Here's some recent photos.

Groovin' in his bouncer

Love this face... I think he tires of us taking his picture all the time...

Right after a bath, which he loves

Hanging with Dad on the couch

Such a hilarious pose

So cute

His hair after he wakes up

A different angle

Trying to figure out how to roll over

Just chillin'

Sitting in the box with all his diapers

First time in the bumbo

Sitting with mom

What can I say... we love him!!!