Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sacred Snow

Our friends Matt & Renee finally came to visit us! After what I believe has been 4 other unsuccessful attempts to visit us, they finally made it. It sure was fun to see them, and meet their son Jaeden. Of course, we did what we've done for all other visitors... go see the church historical sights.

We didn't take a ton of pictures (mostly because we've already got a bunch from other trips to the sights)... but we did get a few of a snowy Sacred Grove. Most people don't get to see it in the winter ('cause let's face it, it's cold!) But it's very peaceful and pretty. We didn't see anyone else in the grove our whole time there.

It was a quick trip for the Memmotts. But it was very nice to see them and get to spend a little time together. People always ask us if we're going to miss New York when we move... and the answer is yes, at least certain parts. How many other people get to live in the Cradle of the Restoration? We've been here for (almost) 4 years... living right where the Church was reorganized... getting to tour these sacred sights so many times that we've lost count. It's special every single time we go. We'll miss it, definitely.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

32 weeks

Alright, as you can see from my weird smile, I dislike posing for pictures. But it does show off nicely our growing baby. I'm now 32 weeks (almost 33) and feeling more and more uncomfortable. Baby seems to be growing straight out... looking at me from the back, you wouldn't even know I was pregnant. Various muscles and ligaments have all started giving me grief, so thank heavens that I'm married to a wonderful man... who (conveniently) happens to be a chiropractor! I was already a big fan of chiropractic... and now I'm an even bigger fan. It's helped so much ease some of the aches and pains.

Baby is very active, kicking and punching me quite often. He even gets the hiccups. He's head down and his little feet are up in my ribs (just one of those aches!) I can sometimes feel his feet through my skin and see them as he's moving them... which is a fantastically strange sensation!

We don't have much other exciting news to share. I pretty much go to work, go to the gym, make dinner and then sit on the couch (or sit on the couch while Cory makes dinner). It's a really exciting life :) We've started to pack some stuff up, so we can sell some furniture that we don't plan on bringing with us. We've got a tour of the hospital planned for next week, we're going to a cloth diapering class, and we've been reading lots of books and watching natural childbirth videos. Like I said, exciting.

I am putting together a list of what needs to go in the 'take-to-the-hospital' bag (for both Cory & I). I've got a fairly extensive list, but feel free to comment about what you thought was essential. There's always the chance you think of something that we haven't. Also, for those couple of people who have asked - we are registered at Target. Please don't take this to mean you have to buy us presents... it's just an FYI. Our ward is throwing us a shower, and the college is throwing us a shower/goodbye party and we're telling people that gift cards would be wonderful gifts. The less stuff we have to move, the better :)

Less than 2 months 'til baby makes his big debut! We're so excited!