Monday, November 1, 2010

September & October

This is going to be a long post. I've been meaning to put up some pictures for weeks, so now you get 2 months worth of pictures. Sorry, there were just so many cute ones to pick from that there's quite a few. Enjoy :)

(I accidentally uploaded them in a smaller format -- so to see them larger, click on the photo)

Visiting cousin Fisher (look at Fisher's face, too funny)

Driving with mom

First shiner

With my mom -- Spencer's face says "don't take my picture"

Fall colors, overlooking Midway

Watching the ducks and fish

First time eating rice cereal (yeah, he's not a fan)


Too cute... skinny little guy

One of his favorite toys -- an old remote that we don't use anymore -- he loves the buttons

Hanging with mom and grandpa

Who says boys' clothes aren't really cute?

Love this face

Cory thinks this outfit makes him look like Elvis

Swimming with dad -- he loves the water

He's such a happy baby

Cory rock climbing down in St. George

Tied-died onesie -- so cute

Eating his toes (luckily it was immediately after a bath, so they're clean)

Halloween as a pumpkin

Again, just a cute shot

At Gardner Village, watching the ducks

Gardner Village

We found something he likes to eat -- a vanilla wafer

Cute face

Halloween outfit (check out the feet)

Carving a pumkin

The finished products

Chilling in the bath

Dressed up as a pirate (thanks to grandma for the costume!)

His first Halloween candy -- don't worry, he didn't actually eat it. But he loves wrappers, and played with it all night. He even took it in the bath with him -- he just wouldn't let go.

Helping dad brush his teeth

Such a sweetheart