Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Read the first paragraph of this article (click on it to make it larger):

Now, I've only read the Twilight series a few times (double digits still count as a 'few', right?). I don't recall reading anything about a character named Carlisle Cooper. Cooper? Seriously, I ripped this page right out of my Good Housekeeping magazine. Doesn't anyone proofread anymore?!? Having worked for a few college newspapers for a number of years, and being involved in that proofreading process, I totally understand how small errors slip by. But Carlisle Cooper? Come on, this is a book series that has sold over 85 million copies worldwide. I find this to be extremely amusing ... and a little embarrassing for Good Housekeeping. But too funny not to share!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy holidays for us

I know, Christmas was a few weeks ago... but I'm just getting around to posting our pictures on the blog. We had a wonderful Christmas. We drove down to D.C. to spend it with our friends Em & Brett. I think this was our 5th visit to D.C. but we wanted to see the sights at Christmas, and we never pass up the chance to see Em & Brett. They're like family to us. Plus, we all got to spend a few days in New York City together, and that was wild.

Christmas tree in front of the Capitol Building.

The White House

The White House Christmas tree... though not as close to the White House as I thought it was going to be...

Christmas morning. Abby was too cute while opening presents. The present she's unwrapping is actually mine (and I'm very excited to read it!) but since all she wanted to do was unwrap the presents, she opened some that weren't technically hers. She'd unwrap one, look at it, toss it aside, and grab for another one. Too cute! Cory & I decided that we're just going to wrap up empty boxes for our little one this Christmas...

Christmas dinner. Delicious!!!

Wreaths at Arlington Cemetery. Very cool to see!

Mount Vernon, home of George Washington. It's right on the Potomac River. Very picturesque.

Washington DC temple, at night. They do a mini-temple square, and decorate all the surrounding trees. Very pretty.

Brett, Em, me, Cory

The Monday following Christmas, we drove up to New York City. We wanted to see all the NYC Christmas sights. This is Rockefeller Center. And no, we didn't ice skate, since it apparently costs $50 per person to do so. Ack! But it was fun to watch :)

The famed Rockefeller Center tree.

Em & I, looking quite awesome in our 2010 glasses.

Macy's Department Store.

One of Macy's decorated windows.

Ground Zero. Every other time we've been there, it's just been a hole in the ground. It's nice to see they're actually constructing something. We visited the church that's across the way, and they had many artifacts and posters memorializing 9/11. It doesn't seem to matter how many times I've seen it... I still choke up.

Times Square. You can see the pole that the ball drops down. Apparently the ball wasn't out... we think because it was so very windy.

I'm putting up this unflattering picture of me so maybe you can appreciate how cold it was. The temperature was only in the teens and the wind was gusting up to 50 mph... making it feel about 0. I'm wearing 4 layers on the top, plus my coat. I'm getting big enough that fitting into my coat without 4 layers is challenging... Cory had to literally zip me in and I could barely move. I felt like Randy from A Christmas Story...

Em, Brett, me - on the decorated streets of New York City.

Like I said, we had a very good time. Baby was actually pretty well behaved, and I only threw up twice the entire trip... and luckily it wasn't on the streets of NYC or on the subway. We're grateful for good friends who feel like family, when we couldn't be with family for the holidays. It was an awesome vacation, and we enjoyed every minute of it! We got back to our house on the 30th (no, we didn't want to stay at Times Square to see the ball drop; we watched it from the comfort of our warm living room). We vegged for New Years, watching as much football as possible, and eating lots of stuff that was tasty (but not nutritious). An excellent way to start the new year!