Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Digging out

We had our first Nor’easter of the season this weekend. We had about a foot of snow on Thursday, a break on Friday and then the Nor’easter socked us - it started snowing Saturday night and snowed all day Sunday. It was bad enough that church was cancelled. We got snow, then some freezing rain, then some more snow and then some wind. The roads looked scary so we only ventured outside once on Sunday and it was to unbury our cars and dig ourselves out. Then we went back inside to warm up since it was pretty cold. NYCC was on a 2 hour delay on Monday morning, which was very good since it took a while to unfreeze the car. We’re just grateful that it looks like decent weather this coming weekend since that’s when we are flying home – good thing the Nor’easter didn’t decide to come then or we’d be in trouble.

Cory is done with his 5th trimester of chiropractic/nutrition school!! YEA!! He’s done 16 finals, 2 powerpoint presentations, 2 big papers – all in 2 weeks!! We are both really happy that he is done and definitely looking forward to the break and going home to Utah.

From left to right: Cory digging out our sidewalk; our car covered in ice from the freezing rain; the highway in front of our house (nice plowing, huh?)


Suzy said...

What is it with plowing out here? Our roads are never very well plowed either. They do a good job in Utah.

Lindsay said...


I'm so glad you commented on my blog. I didn't know you lived so close. It looks like you are doing great! How neat to live in New York and so close to the Sacred Grove. Good luck with everything!

The Parke's said...

Sarah you I read your blog and thought, Oh I want a good book to read, so now you have me hooked to the twilight series. My kids will thank you later when they end up being messed up for life. jk all joking aside I to am in love with edward!

somebody said...