Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Great Holiday

Hmm, where to start? We had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! I realized how grateful I am for so many things. I am grateful for Cory and grateful that we have been sealed in the temple, making him mine forever. I am grateful to a wonderful family and grateful that some of them took the time (and money) to fly out east to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. I am grateful for awesome friends – I am truly blessed by wonderful friends who are great examples to me. I am grateful that I was raised by loving parents who did all they could for me and instilled values and ethics into me (and continue to support us in so many ways). I am also grateful for my awesome extended family! I am grateful to be a member of the true church, restored here on earth. And I am grateful that we can live in the birthplace of the Restoration – it really is a neat place to spend a few years of our lives.

Now that the mushy stuff is over … we had the best time in Washington D.C!! Man, what a cool city. It was my 2nd time being there and it was Cory’s 1st, so it was fun to share it with him. We did some sightseeing on Wednesday morning – we saw the Washington Monument, the WW2 Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. The boys went rock-climbing in the afternoon to a state park in Virginia, and climbed along the cliffs that run alongside the Potomac River. On Thursday we played a rousing game of football and ate ourselves silly. My aunt Karan produced a feast and it was delicious!! I thought I might never be able to eat again, I was that full. Mom, Dad, Cory & I got up at 5:30 a.m. to participate in Black Friday shopping. We found some good deals on stuff we actually needed, so it was good to go. Plus it was Cory’s first Black Friday shopping experience, so that was fun. We did more sightseeing on Friday – we went to Manassas, which is where the Battle of Bull Run was fought (Civil War for those of you who need to brush up on American history). It was a very peaceful place to visit, and neat to see. We also went into the Air & Space Museum at Dulles airport and that was neat. They have all sorts of historic planes, including the Anola Gay (the plane that dropped the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima). We had our last day of sightseeing on Saturday, and we went into Arlington Cemetery. It’s such a neat place! There’s such a feeling of reverence and respect there. We saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and watched the changing of the guard. We also saw John F. Kennedy’s grave, along with the eternal flame that burns next to it. We took plenty of pictures there, since it’s such a large cemetery!! Mom, Joel, Em, Brett, Cory & I also got to go into the National Archives – we saw the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They are all very faded, but still – we were actually there looking at them! It was sweet!! My family had to split for the airport, so that left me, Cory, Em & Brett to explore some of the Museum of Natural History. We saw the Hope Diamond (largest in the world) and some cool mummies! It got cold so we went to dinner and then back to Em & Brett’s to watch Missouri trounce Kansas in college football. Oh well – at least LSU lost, too!

Pictures (from left to right): Manassas, WW2 Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, a rousing game of football in Karan's backyard, JFK's grave, Lincoln himself, Joel rock climbing, General Stonewall Jackson (in Manassas), Sarah holding her adorable cousin Paige, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington, and the FEAST we ate.


Kelley said...

Hey, Sarah, it looks like your trip was so much fun! I'm jealous, but hopefully we'll make it to DC next summer. I'm glad you had a fun holiday (we did too) and I'm excited to see you soon!

Zach & Megan Jones said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I sure wish we could have shared Turkey Day with you again! Glad you got to see D.C.! It is one of my favorite places to visit-so much free stuff to see and do! I have finished THE book and I would love to chat with you-I think Saturday is probably the best day-depending on the college football schedule...Give me a call on Saturday when you get a chance-just remember not to call before noon your time-or I will still be in bed. :) Miss you!

katie said...

no fair, you were practically next door to us and the Higgins didn't even get to see you!

Wendi said...

Oh, I am so glad you enjoyed D.C. I wish I was in the area, so I could have seen you. You think living in D.C. would mean I would actually LIVE in D.C.

Sounds so fun!

somebody said...