Monday, October 17, 2011

18 Months!

Spencer is 18 months!  Wow.  I know every mom feels like this... it's just going by so fast (and yet, some days are soooo long... go figure).  I'm trying to savor this time, since 18 months is such a fun age!  The "terrible two's" are just starting to rear their ugly head, but for the most part, Spencer is good-natured and loads of fun.

He's very adventurous and loves to be outside (cries every time I bring him in).  If he could spend all day digging in the dirt/rocks, I think he'd be really happy.  He also likes to 'color', although he's obviously not very good at it.  He spends more time putting the crayons in the box, dumping them out, and repeating the process.  He's also enjoying playing with play-doh.  He likes trucks, cement mixers, balls and being chased around the house.  He's very much a boy.

Here's some recent pictures.  Despite my lack of blogging, we have managed to do some fun things this summer.  Some days all we do is stay home, while I sit in the bathroom, waiting for the inevitable throwing up (and some nights are the same)... but some days we've been able to get out.  My mom has been invaluable, coming over most mornings and taking Spencer outside for his walk around the block, or for some fun in the sandbox.  Cory bathes him and gets him to bed most nights.  Thank heavens for an awesome mom and husband!

My hips have been killing me lately, so Cory works on me at home, on his table.  Of course, then Spencer thinks he needs a turn, too.  It's adorable.

Freezing corn.  The ice was Spencer's favorite part.

After his bath - love the farmer tan!

We built him a small sandbox and he loves it.  LOVES it.

He's a really good eater (most of the time) and he'll eat anything if he can dip it.  Fry sauce and ranch are his favorites.

My brother Joel is in the marching band at the U.  They do a sort of pep rally at The Gateway on Friday nights, before home games on Saturday.  We went one night and of course, Spencer enjoyed himself.  There was water fountains, music for dancing and balloons.

He loves balloons.

He's my little helper.  Wants to do everything I'm doing.  He helps load the dishwasher, puts the soap in the dispenser, puts the wet clothes in the dryer, helps with vacuuming, and wants to be right there when any food is being made.  This is him making pancakes.

And him helping make dinner.  This is the face he makes when I tell him to 'smile'.

I know this looks like a Christmas picture, but it's actually taken at Gardner Village.  He loves looking at Christmas lights... I'm really excited for December.

Spencer and his cousin Bailey at Gardner Village.

Feeding the ducks at Gardner Village.

We went to Pack Farms to pick out some pumpkins.  Spencer's favorite part was riding in the cart. 

And a celebration for Cory's birthday.  He turned 27 (again).  Happy birthday honey!

It may be time for another haircut... I just love his curls though.



Liz said...

Awesome post! Gardner village is awesome. Spencer looks sooo cute in his cloth diaper. I can't wait to find out what you are having!!

Brett and Emily said...

Love him and I love your whole family, the pictures are awesome. I do have to say that my favorite is the one of him getting his back worked on by Daddy! We can't wait to see you in December.
Happy Birthday Cory!!

MiriamR said...

he is adorable! He is so cute with his smile!

Recksieks said...

He is so cute! I can't believe how big he is getting! What a handsome guy. :)