Sunday, November 6, 2011


Halloween was really fun this year.  Spencer got the hang of trick-or-treating really quick -- he'd knock on the door and hold up his pumpkin.  He loved it.  We dressed him up as a little Jedi and of course, we think he was totally adorable.

Wearing the Halloween shirt he picked out.

He loved carving pumpkins.  Or rather, he loved cleaning out the guts.

 The finished products.

We took advantage of the really nice weather in October and took Spencer to Tracy Aviary.  He loved walking around, seeing the birds and chasing the peacocks.  His favorite part was feeding the ducks.


NaDell said...

He is a super cute Jedi! Looks like a fun Halloween!

Brett and Emily said...

That's the cutest little Jedi I have ever seen. He even has good control over that light sabor. :)

Tara said...

Love his smile! He looks like such a happy little guy!

Andrea said...

He really is so adorable!!! I love the costume!