Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Unity Day

This weekend was Homecoming weekend for New York Chiropractic College. It affords people who have graduated the opportunity to come back and take various seminars and lectures, and get continuing education credits (sorry, no dance though :) Homecoming weekend kicked off Friday when the school hosts what's called "Unity Day." Basically it's just a big party with lots of activities, all held outside on the school grounds. Cory & I went over and had a great time (even if the weather was hot, hot, hot!) They have free food (which is the best kind of food, in my opinion), games, blow up toys, free goodies and a tug-of-war competition. The picture is of me & Aimee, eating our snow cones.

And a short video of the tug-of-war. They pit the different tri's against each other, making for excellent entertainment.

The rest of the weekend was not so fun, given that Cory had class all day Saturday and all day Sunday (and had papers, tests, presentations, etc in both classes). Gotta love this Nutrition program!! I can't believe we're nearing the end of the tri ... finals start in just 2 weeks! Does anyone else think this summer is going by waaaay too quickly?!?!

One good thing about summer going by so quickly - Breaking Dawn comes out in 11 days!! I CAN'T WAIT!! Is anyone else going insane waiting for August 2nd? Seriously, I think I am going to lose my mind with all the anticipation ... and I can't read anything else ... all I want is Breaking Dawn, so when I pick up another book, I find that I can't get into it. ACK! That's so not me. I can read anything and I love books ... but I find myself disinterested in everything, since all I want is Breaking Dawn! My insanity is getting to a point where it's bugging me :) I put a hold request on a good mystery at the library, so hopefully that can snag my attention ... at least for a few days!! And because I have watched it thousand times, I had to post the link for the movie trailer for Twilight ... and when I say "thousand", I mean it. This gets me even more excited for the movie!! I am hopelessly addicted to all things Twilight!!


Andrea said...

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn either!!!! I'm getting it from Amazon, so it could be a hair late. Plus I totally missed your e-mail about the raspberries. I should call your mom! I think I will- they're are my favorite as well. The concert was good- a new blog is coming...

Michelle Jamison said...

How fun, Unity Day!! I loved to read about your happenings, but you got me even more stoked up for the book. I am bummed though, we are moving that day and so I will have to wait until Monday to go and get it...hopefully I can survive!

MiriamR said...

Hi there, I read your blog all the time its GREAT. I haven't read any of the books yet. I want to but haven't had time yet to even get them. Anyway a little fun note. The movie that is being filmed (I can't remember what its called). Anyway I think its the first one to the series with Cedric from Harry Potter. Well its being filmed in my old music teachers town so she got to go on the set for a night of filming and has a bunch of pictures of it. Random note I know. Anyway sorry for the random nonesense in this comment.

Brooke said...

I share your angst waiting for Breaking Dawn! Seriously, it's ridiculous how excited I am. I can't wait!

Oh and I wanted to share some memories:

*doing 4-H with your mom and making weed floral arrangements to enter into the Davis County Fair

*playing barbies at your house

*always having the nicest and most luxurious tent at Girls Camp thanks to your grandparents

*having your mom hear that you'd kissed someone (who was it?) while we were late night chatting.

*the bear at girls camp and having everyone pile into our tent.

So many memories! Love ya!

somebody said...