Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beauty all around

You know, I was thinking ... we may not live near any form of civilization ... given that the nearest place to eat is 15 minutes away ... but we do live in a truly beautiful area. Scenes like these will be what I miss when we move from New York (in like a year, so nobody get worked up about it).




Allison said...

I fell in love with this area while I was there. It really is beautiful. I was in Fayette on the 22 of June, and we had our own sacrament meeting, so I of course didn't see you. I really wish I would have it has been forever.

Viewmont High 2000 said...

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Andrea said...

Okay so how about you post every spot that I missed out on! All four of those are totally out of the mission. I guess you'll just have to take me there next summer. (we're tentatively planning on it...)

somebody said...