Friday, March 13, 2009

The proof is in the pudding

As many of you know, I work in the Office of Institutional Quality and Assessment, at NYCC (the school Cory attends). A few months ago, we got a new boss. As a getting-to-know-you exercise, he thought it would be fun for everyone in our division to complete an online questionnaire, called a DiSC profile. It's based on the Meyer-Briggs personality test, and you're supposed to answer the questions to describe your work persona. When you're done, they label you as a D (dominance), I (inquisitive), S (steadiness) or C (conscientious).

Anyone want to guess what I am?

Apparently, I am an 'S'. Coming in a very close 2nd place was D. Coming in at a not-so-distant 3rd was I. And coming in at the very bottom (meaning apparently I have none) was C.

Yep, I am an achiever. This really didn't come as any surprise.

The profile they give you also comes with some adjectives that supposedly describe you. Some of mine are: adventuresome, decisive, competitive, inquisitive, charming, confident, amiable, convincing, serene, possessive, self-assured, generous, defiant, obstinate, sarcastic.

*Sigh* It's pretty spot-on. At least I've got some positive traits in that list. When I told my mom that it had labeled me as competitive and obstinate, she just laughed. Sad... but true.


Matt, Lorie, Roger said...

Oh, I remember that competitive trait in you! That sounds like a pretty fun and interesting test.
Also, my email:
Thanks again, as those recipes have loomed in my memory ever since we parted!

Melvin and Carly said...

Glad to hear those tests are accurate for some people. So, have you done the color test? I would guess that you're a red/blue mix. :)

Brett and Emily said...

I had a similar reaction reading this as your mom did on the phone...haha. :)
You're so great Sarah! These traits are why we LOVE you!
I want to take the test.

Andrea said...

That is hilarious! Although I would only categorize you as the positive adjectives out of the list. Thanks for the e-mail. You're right! It is good news about Stake Conference although I did want my parents to enjoy a nice New York Sacrament Meeting. I'm calling you on my way home tonight hopefully we can finally chat!!

somebody said...