Friday, March 27, 2009

Glass museum

When Cory was in the lower tri's, surviving week-to-week, students in the upper tri's would always tell us that "it gets better" and that we would have lots more "free time" when he reached the upper tri's. Well, he's now 2 weeks shy of the end of 9th, and entering his final trimester. Things are better... mostly. Alas, he doesn't really have the promised free time. Instead of studying non-stop, taking anywhere from 3-10 tests per week, he's now spending all his time treating patients. Case in point -- on Wednesday he had a rotation at one of the VA (Veterans Affairs) hospitals. He left home at 7am. He got home at 10pm. He had a 13-hour day at the hospital, plus 2 hours of travel time. The experiences the school provides to the students are great... just time-consuming. So, while we don't have much free time, and I still get to see him less than I would like, it's been wonderful to watch him transition from 'student' to 'doctor.' He's growing into his own and preparing to support our family -- and I support him 100% in that. We do what we can, and catch time together whenever his schedule allows.

Yesterday was such a day. We took the day off and drove down to Corning, an 1 1/2 south of us, to see the Corning Museum of Glass. It was pretty cool. I had no idea glass was so complex!

We watched a guy blow a glass bowl, start to finish, and it was so neat to see the process:

We also watched a guy work some glass rods (in the left hand corner of the picture) into an eagle, using just a blowtorch. Wow. In the forefront of the pic, you can see some of the other whimsical creatures he's made. Impressive.

They also had an extensive museum, filled with glass everything -- from glass viles that date to the Roman Empire, to modern-day pieces (like this glass table). It was really something to see!

It was a cool place to visit, and a wonderful way to spend time together!


MiriamR said...

That looked so cool. I have always wanted to see someone blow glass. Hey how is your bracket doing?

Melvin and Carly said...

Looks fun. Melvin used to work for a glass manufacturing plant making HUGE sheets of glass (mainly for shower doors and stuff). Boy was it ever hot in there! And not that it matters, but he took a look at one of my glass dishes from Corning and said, "There are too many flaws in that. We wouldn't have processed that piece of glass." :) Just different standards of quality depending on what the glass is for.

Matt, Lorie, Roger said...

What a neat and interesting museum! I was also impressed with your 100% support of your husband even though he spends a lot of time at work/school. I think it's so important for a wife to support her husband like that!

Andrea said...

I always wanted to go to the Corning Museum! I'm way jealous. I hope you feel better today!!

Anonymous said...