Monday, February 2, 2009

SuperBowl "party"

A couple weeks ago, I (jokingly) asked Cory if he wanted to host a SuperBowl party. He said yes, so I asked him who he was planning to invite. His response? "You"

So here's a picture of our SuperBowl party - it was (as usual) just the 2 of us. We're always joking that we have no friends... which is only partly true. We have friends, they just don't live in New York. And our friends in New York don't share our views when it comes to alcohol ... so it's most often, just the 2 of us together. Not that I mind ... Cory is my favorite person to spend time with!

And what SuperBowl party is complete without some yummy food?

Right after the end of the first half, NBC showed some commercials that were 3D. Cory and I just so happen to own 3D glasses, so this is us, watching the commercials. We're hot, I know.

We were rooting for the Cardinals to win, so it was kind of a disappointing end. Oh well... at least the food was good :)


Liz said...

Sounds like you two had quite the party!! I was rooting for the Cardinals too. And it looks like they had it but I was a little worried when they scored with 2:30 left to play...just enough time for the Steelers to score and they did, darn it! But it was a great game! Hope you and Cory had a blast!!

Melvin and Carly said...

Looks like a fun party! We have much the same problem. We do have friends, but they don't live nearby! So it's always just us.

Recksieks said...

That looks like lots of fun! Love ya

The Fife's said...

Fun! Love the glasses. Where in the world did Cory get those? You guys are so cute together. Yes, it was cool being on the web cam. I'am glad you got my mom hooked up with one.

Andrea said...

We were also rooting for the Cardinals. My brother in law picked us up some of those 3-D glasses. We all went around the TV with our glasses on- even Grant the 1 and a half year old.

somebody said...