Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mawiagge ... is whut bwings us togehduh today ...

I come home from Utah and this is what I find – snow! Agh! Apparently, winter has finally made it to New York. It’s COLD. And snowy. And beautiful. And I’m sure I’ll be tired of it within 24 hours, since New York hasn’t yet figured out how to plow the roads.

My cousin got married over the weekend, so I jumped at the chance to go home for the weekend. Cory wasn’t as fortunate as me, and had to stay in New York to attend class on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes this school thing sucks, and this was one of those times. It was hard to leave him here, but it was awesome to be home for a break.

Surprisingly, I didn’t take many pictures – I was too busy having an awesome time. My dad took a million, and he’s promised to share with me. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was wonderful to hang out with family and friends. I do miss all the fun we have as a family when we all get together, so it was nice to have a full weekend of together-ing. Mom and I spent lots of time together making all the flowers, and they were beautiful.

We got the chance to take some of the younger cousins out to dinner and to see Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. It was so much fun!

And now my focus turns to the event I have been looking forward to for months: Twilight!! That’s right, I’ve got my ticket for Friday afternoon and I’m stoked. Beyond stoked. Thrilled.

And, not be outdone by Twilight, there’s some really good football games on Saturday. BYU takes a trip to the U of U and it’s going to be HUGE – and when I say HUGE I mean so much excitement that I am going to end up watching half the game with my eyes buried behind my fingers – and Texas Tech takes a trip to Oklahoma with Big 12 implications. Man, I love this time of year. Woo wee!

I’ll be expecting phone calls (or emails) from you fellow Twilight fans, so we can discuss the movie in lots of detail. Seriously. Can’t. Wait.


Liz said...

Yeah I am going to Barton's wedding. I am so excited. I am hoping to go see Twilight while I am there. I think my sister and I will. I would really, really, really love to go to Forks, WA to see it! That would be awesome. And I'm also hoping to catch the TTU/OU game--you better believe it!!

Melvin and Carly said...

Glad the wedding was nice. I expect to see pictures (either from you or Heather) soon.

Two days!! I'll email you in the middle of the night after I see Twilight! (Hope I can hear the dialogue over the screaming.)

Go Cougars!

Andrea said...

GO UTES!!!! Ahhh!!!

Zach and Megan Jones said...


Glad to hear you got to spend some time at home and that you'll get to see your movie. Megan is taking me to it soon. Take care and stay out of the deep snow in NY. ZJ

Scott and Becky said...

Sooooo.... I'm anxious how you liked TWILIGHT. Was it everything you expected it to be? I haven't seen it yet; wasn't into going at midnight last night. Jennifer did however and she was a little disappointed. She almost wished she hadn't read the book first. She found herself constantly comparing the two. She said it was a good movie; but not enough info about Bella's friends. And Jacob was only in there three times?

Brett and Emily said...

Glad you had a great trip! You have such a cute family!
P.S. YEAH for Utah..12-0!!!

MiriamR said...

did you take any pictures at the wedding/? No one seemed to take ANY pictures. Daniel and I have only seen one picture and it didn't show much. Everyone seems to be too busy to put any up. oh well.

somebody said...