Monday, November 10, 2008

Just the two of us

For 12 of the past 14 weeks, we have either:
(a) been out of town,
(b) had company in town,
(c) Cory's had weekend class or weekend seminars,
(d) a combination of b & c.

Yep, it's been an insane past few months. Our summer was crazy, with school and travel taking over ... and I naively thought that once summer was over, things could calm down a bit. It now seems that I was mistaken :) I'm not complaining though, since we promised ourselves (when we moved out east) that we would take full advantage of all the cool things to do and see out here. And boy, have we ever! We've also had some of our favorite people in town for a visit, which was really nice. We've got more stuff planned for this weekend, next weekend is Twilight (AAAAHH!) and then it's Thanksgiving. Sometimes it amazes me how quickly the time is going!

Anyways, this was our first weekend in more than 3 months where we could stay home and it be just the 2 of us. Cory had lots of homework to catch up on, tests to study for ... and I had to clean our house and watch college football (rough, I know :) Still, it was a nice weekend.

This was us, practically the whole weekend:

Yep, we pretty much spent the whole weekend on the couch. Cory got lots done and I watched some great ball games. Go Gators! And at the risk of offending all my BYU fans ... Go Utes! What an amazing finish over TCU! Now, I consider myself impartial when it comes to the whole BYU/U of U thing ... I went to Utah State, and loved my time there, since it was a perfect fit for me (though their football team leaves a lot to be desired). But I'm now cheering on the Utes, since I think they've got the best chance to bust the BCS (again) and show the rest of the the college football world that some of the non-BCS conferences (aka the Mountain West) can really play football!


Lincs and Ali said...

Yay! Go Utes!!

Michelle said...

Way to go! I love those weekends when it can just be the 2 of you, get all cozy and just BE! I love checking your blog to see how much time is left until Twilight! I have talked Dave into going with me....we will see if he really does!

Andrea said...

Yes Go Utes!!! I have to say Sarah I was very pleased by your logic! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!! I'm honestly jumping for joy. See you Friday at noon!

somebody said...