Monday, March 10, 2008

Enough already!

I said it a few posts ago ... I was not looking forward to March, since its infamous out here for big winter storms. Well I am happy (read that sarcastically) to report that March is living up to its reputation. We got an ice storm in the middle of last week, then another blast of winter over the weekend (even church was canceled, it was so bad). Sheesh - could I ask for anything more? (again, read with sarcasm). Here's a few pictures to showcase our awesome weather. These first 2 pictures are from the ice storm -- it covered the branches and turned my car into a giant iceball!

These next pictures are from the weekend -- we got snow, then freezing rain, then rain, then snow, and to top it off, we got wind. It made everything more frozen that it already was, since nothing had melted from the ice storm. Trees are down all over the place (including a big branch from the tree in our backyard, showcased in the picture) and lots of people were without power. We were lucky and didn't lose power -- we stayed inside all weekend long.

But to end on a happy note -- Cory's sister Bridgette and her husband Bryan had their first child last Tuesday. A little girl named Bailey -- she's sooooo cute! Congrats guys!


Suzy said...

Wow, I guess we got lucky on that one. We have just had rain and a little snow today. Sorry!

Andrea said...

Ice storms make the place look like Narnia though and you have to admit that is pretty cool- even if you have to scrape your whole car cause the doors are frozen shut. Speaking of frozen doors, we had a door that if it got to cold it wouldn't shut- so we had to hold the thing closed! Ha! Good old Malibu.

Alisia said...

I can totally understand the horrid effects of an ice storm! I just had my first this year in DC. SO fun! ha ha. We would LOVE to visit you guys sometime and see the church history sites! that would seriously be so awesome! We should come this summer! And if you ever want to come to DC, you guys can totally stay at our place!

Anonymous said...