Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things I Love

I was going to make this list for Valentines Day ... but I didn't get it up in time because Cory and I were really sick. I was never one to go gung-ho on Valentines Day ... so I thought I would make a list of all the things I love and that make me happy. Here they are ... in no particular order. Happy February, everyone!

being married to Cory forever
the smell of fall leaves being kicked up
the smell of rain pouring so hard that I can’t see a thing
my brothers, parents & cousins
the music of the Eagles
the Bountiful temple
carving pumpkins in October
the calm on Christmas Eve
my health
fresh roses in a vase
seeing an eagle soaring high above
the wide expanse of the ocean, seeming like it never ends
the dip your stomach feels when your plane leaves the ground and ascends into the sky
when someone I love brushes the hair out of my eyes
losing track of myself when I read a good book
sleeping in
majestic mountains
the musicals Aida, Phantom of the Opera & Footloose
haunted houses (with family members)
hot chocolate on a cold day
sledding with my family
ice cream in a cone … on a boardwalk
making rolls on thanksgiving day
homemade raspberry jam
Pirates of the Caribbean
midnight movie showings
lazy Sunday drives through pretty scenery
laughing so hard that I begin crying
making a snow angel
huge roller coasters
dreaming of places that I want to travel to (Egypt, Ireland, New Zealand, Guatemala, etc.)
reading out loud
children singing in cathedrals
piano music by someone really good (like John Schmidt)
listening to heart beats
reading old emails
looking at Christmas lights in December
being kissed slowly
the color red
watching slapstick humor movies (can anyone say Three Amigos? Napoleon Dynamite?)
the smell of fresh baking bread
warm blankets straight from the dryer
watching big storms (with thunder and lightning) on my porch
Harry Potter
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse (series of books)
the smell of libraries
my mom's voice
pretty skirts that twirl when I spin in circles
falling asleep in the fall with the window open and cuddled in blankets
sitting around a campfire with good friends, solving the world’s problems
long talks with girlfriends
American Idol
roasted marshmallows
dark chocolate
vanilla cream soda down in Williamsburg, VA
creating an ad in Quark from scratch
touching Cory’s face
homemade pizza
going to the Farmer's market
looking at pictures from past trips
the LDS church and the truth we have
convert baptisms
dancing around my living room when no one is watching
Sunday afternoon naps with Cory
lotion from Bath & Body Works
seeing new places and learning new things
hanging out with sister missionaries
Mexican food
the “Lord of the Rings” movies