Monday, February 25, 2008


Kelley tagged me and I think this looks like fun … so I am going to give it a go!

4 "people" who email me regularly:
1-People in my office – we email stuff back and forth all the time
2-I chat with my mom regularly, which kind of eliminates the need for emails ...
4-Netflix … I think I hear from them too often

4 places I would like to visit:
1-Boston (I have wanted to go for ages and we are going to go in September, hopefully)
2-Ireland (can’t afford it but would love to go!)
3-Egypt (heeelllo Pyramids! How cool would that be?!?!)
4-Hawaii … this could be my spring fever talking … but I would love to go because it's warm and beautiful all year round … what more could you ask for?

4 favorite restaurants:
1-Definitely Wingers … which we don’t have out here!
2-Robintinos … also does not exist out here!
3-San Miguels … it’s a little Mexican place here in Seneca Falls
and it’s tasty, tasty, tasty!
4-Chili’s … I love it there, and yes, it does exist out here!

4 things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1-Our planned trips … Washington D.C., Gettysburg, Hershey PA, Toronto, Philly, Boston, maybe the coast of Maine, and Sharon VT … and who knows where else??
2-Cory starting the clinic part of his education (and me possibly seeing him a little more often!)
3-Kendall coming home in June! YEA!!!!!!!!! (along with seeing the rest of my family)
4-Wam weather!! This means fun activities – it’s such a nice place to live when the snow melts and there’s lots of stuff to do. I look forward to going to the drive-in, playing mini-golf, going to the festivals and eating funnel cakes, and finding new state parks to explore with Cory!

4 things I am not looking forward to in the coming year:
1-Cory still being very busy with school (this won’t go away completely until August 2009 when he graduates)
2-Dumb TV re-runs in the summer … stupid writers strike messed up everything and I miss CSI!
3-Winter … I don’t like winter and I don’t want to go through another one out here! I know it’s still like 10 months away, but I am dreading it already!
4-I’m not really looking forward to March. March is infamous out here for big snow storms and ice storms. It’s definitely not warm enough to be considered spring … I wish we could skip it and go right to April.

And last, but not least, 4 quirky things about me:
1-I really am a geek at heart. I love math (especially algebra – I just think it’s so cool!) and I love statistics. I love to graph data and look at trends and make predictions. I love to tabulate survey data and make graphs (this is all very good since that’s what I do at work). I love physics, too, and how everything in the world reacts to everything else. I also love history and love to read historical accounts. I can’t wait to explore more Civil War sights. I also truly love chiropractic and I regularly grill Cory about what he’s learning. The human body amazes me!! I realize that all of this is really quite geeky – but I love it! Nerds rule!
2-I love food! I swear, I would not make it on a diet. I love to eat good food. I love going out to eat at restaurants and having a conversation over dinner. I like most kinds of food and don’t mind trying out new stuff (though sushi is out of the question – ick). I also love to cook and try out new recipes. Now if only I could not do the dishes, it would be perfect.
3-I love summer. I know that's not really quirky, but if I could live in summer year-round, I think I would be happy! I’ve never tried it, and people tell me all the time that I would miss winter and the changing seasons … but I don’t think I would. I sure wouldn’t miss the cold! I do love fall leaves, so that would be the only thing I would miss. I think I would be happy in a warm place year-round.
4-I’m an avid reader. I know that’s not quirky, but the fact that I get so into my books that I talk about the characters as though they are real people is kind of quirky. I fell in love with Harry Potter and the characters in that book. I wish I could meet them! I also fell in love with the Cullen family from the Twilight books. I talk about them all the time. In my head I know they are just characters … but I seriously love them. I look forward to the release of my favorite books with crazed fanaticism! (August 2nd – Breaking Dawn – AAAAAAHHHHH!) I am lost to the world when I am engrossed in a good book – and it’s something that I love to do.

Okay, I think that's a long enough answer! I'm not sure how many people I am supposed to tag, but I tag Megan Jones, Mable, Brooke Brooks ... and anyone else who wants to do it! Have fun!!


Kirsten said...

Fun things going on this year. That's what I love (and miss) about the East coast--there is always something cool nearby to see.
And, about the summer all year long...I thought that too till I moved to LA. Now I seriously miss the fall. We had to drive an hour to just see falling leaves. I even miss the snow a little bit--little--but still.

Suzy said...

Sounds like you are coming our way at least a few times this year. You have to stop by, or we'll make a combined trip out of it. Its been a long time since we've seen each other and it would be a lot of fun. Sharon is only about an hour and a half from here, and Boston is about 2 hours.

Also, I didn't realize how much we have in common. I LOVE summer and would gladly have it all the year round and I wouldn't miss snow a bit. I love to read, I love CSI, love cooking, restaurants(although we haven't been indluging in that much lately) etc... I'm glad we are back in touch and are relatively close. Let me know when you are planning to come out here.

Anonymous said...