Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Go Orangemen!!!

On Saturday we went up to Syracuse – only our 4th adventure into Syracuse. For some reason, we find ourselves going to Rochester more often than to Syracuse even though they are really pretty equal in distance. This time it had to be Syracuse though, since we had tickets to see the Syracuse University men’s basketball team take on the Villanova Wildcats. It was a Big East conference game – and a good one at that! I have wanted to go to a game for a while now … ever since we moved out here … but tickets are not cheap! We bought the cheapest ones and we were at the very top. It was all good though since we took our binoculars and we wore our orange! We cheered for the home team, but they lost in the end. Good game, though!!

To round out our weekend, we got some furniture from another NYCC student who is graduating. So we moved our living room and 2nd bedroom around to accommodate all the new stuff. I must say, we are pretty pleased! We also had a baptism after church, which was really neat! Can’t say enough about how cool it is to watch someone choose to be baptized! I do love living out here!


Steve and Amanda said...

It is fun to read your blog! You two were the ones to plant to first little blogging seeds into our brain in Logan. Do you remember at the book club night? It looks like you two are doing great and doing such fun things to. I am glad that you found our blog!

Steve and Amanda said...

Um...I apologize for the speed typing and using improper forms of the words to too and two in my post:)

somebody said...