Monday, October 1, 2007

A chiropractic widow

Cory went to a very useful seminar this weekend in Toronto, leaving me to fend for myself here at home. It was a seminar on the activator method, which is one of the tools a chiropractor can use to adjust people. It’s like a little clicker gun (see attached picture) that can be used instead of a manual adjustment (i.e. using his hands). I had a productive, if lonely weekend. Thanks to Jaime for hanging out with me as another chiro widow! (Her husband also attended the seminar). We had a missionary themed day at church, and I had the chance to speak as one of the ward missionaries (and also as the gospel principles teacher). It was a beautiful 3 hours of church – all about bringing people into the fold of God. I am more motivated than ever to be a better member missionary. The best part of the weekend was when Cory got home Sunday night and we could eat dinner together and I could hear all about the seminar. I’m definitely looking forward to general conference next weekend, and some time spent with Cory.