Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter, Birthday and Other Stuff

Wow, having 2 kids keeps me busy :)  So without further ado... our going ons in pictures...

Jordan's favorite way to sleep.  He doesn't like to be swaddled... but he tolerates it.  He'd prefer to sleep like this.


Spencer helping with tummy time

Spencer's 2nd birthday was April 5th - he had peanut butter fingers - his favorite 

Reading stories with Dad

Dying Easter eggs

The birthday cake for his party.  He LOVES Clifford books.

2 years old!

We tried taking a family picture on Easter, but neither child was cooperating...

Hunting eggs

Yep, he chooses his clothes every morning, down to the socks.  Normally they don't match but did this day.  I love how the shorts looks like capris.  

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Whoa! That Clifford cake is amazing! Did you do that on your own? I'm totally impressed.

We're at the stage where Alaina is breaking out of her wraps- I'm not sure how to get her to sleep if I can't bundle her anymore so maybe not such a bad thing?

Can Spencer dress me everyday??? Love those boys! So cute!