Monday, March 28, 2011

"New" table

This post is over a month late... sorry Andrea :)

When we moved to Utah from New York, my brother gave us an old kitchen table that was in good shape. It fit perfectly into our kitchen and we were happy with it. Unfortunately, after canning some peaches, we burned the table (despite double towels!) So it looked like this:

I figured it could be fixed, but I had no idea how and didn't want to figure it out. Lucky for me, I have a brilliant and talented friend who selflessly offered her expertise to help me sand it down, paint and finish it. And yeah, it looks great!

When sanded down, the wood underneath was so pretty.

At Andrea's suggestion, we painted it a pretty off-white color.

It doesn't show too well in the picture, but you can see the gorgeous wood grain through the paint, giving it a really nice look.

Like I said, it looks great. Thanks a lot, Andrea!


MiriamR said...

Looks great! I love redoing furniture!! Good job

Andrea said...

You are WAY too nice!! It looks fabulous and didn't take too long! YAY!!!