Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I've started "couponing" in the last month or so. I never really bothered to do it while we were in New York, mostly because there was just one grocery store near us (and it wasn't that great) and a Walmart. I would clip the occasional coupon, but that was about it. About a month or so ago, a friend on Facebook posted this blog that she follows that steers you towards some great deals and I started reading it religiously. From that blog, I found 2 more to follow. Now I read all 3 every day. And they always have fantastic deals.

So now that I've started couponing, I must say, it's pretty fun. I love getting stuff for free. Thanks to my mom, I've learned to shop sales and recognize a good price. I cringe when I have to buy something at full value (thanks a lot, Mom!) Couple that upbringing with some savvy couponing and I've been able to get some awesome deals on stuff.

So since I use this blog (partly) as a journal, I'm going to occasionally post some of my more awesome finds. I know this will bore some people, and I certainly won't post everything I buy, but I want to be able to look back and see some of the more tremendous deals. So without further ado, here's the first one.

All this stuff for only $6 (thanks Smiths!)

And $10 at Target (the Tabasco sauce is never on sale).

Oh and in case anyone is interested, the 3 blogs I read are:


NaDell said...

Couponing is really fun, especially when you can get great deals on things that your family eats often. Good job! It's not boring to me. =)

MiriamR said...

yeah i love couponing too. It really helps when you are a stay at home mom good job sarah!!

Cassidy said...

I love it too. Hip2Save is probably the most visited site on my computer :)

Stacy said...

I love couponing!! Our trouble now is our food allergies. It's hard to find good coupons for dairy free stuff. I love it when they ring you up and you can see how much other people would have paid. :)