Tuesday, November 10, 2009

20 weeks

Yep, it's official. I'm definitely pregnant.

I think I feel more pregnant than I look in these pictures. I'm at 20 weeks, so about halfway done. In that first month of being so sick, I never thought I'd get this far. I couldn't fathom being pregnant and sick for one more day, so even one more week felt like an eternity. But here I am, halfway done! I can't believe it. Now we've got to think of things like a registry, names, etc. I find myself talking to him all the time. Sometimes I still can't believe I've got this little miracle growing inside me!!

We're made the decision to stay here through mid-April. For lots of reasons that I won't get into -- but the main one was insurance. We'll stay here, I'll continue to work and be insured, Cory will also continue working at the school, and we'll have the baby here. Then in mid-April we'll pack up and move back to Utah. A cross-country drive with a 2-week old... wish us luck. Better than going at 6 months pregnant and in the middle of December, right?!?! It will be adventurous, that's for sure.

And we're starting to think about getting stuff for the baby. So I'm open to suggestions from all you experienced moms. Stuff you can't live without... stuff that seemed cool then wasn't worth the money... pretty much any advice you want to throw my way!


Andrea said...

I'm kicking myself for not calling you over the weekend- we had a ton of stuff going on but wow I need to call you- I probably will this afternoon. You look like a cute little pregnant woman! I love the pictures. I hope you're feeling better!! Talk soon!!!

Ben and Jade said...

For sure don't buy a crib until you get to Utah. You definitely don't need it for those first two weeks, so why add to the stuff you need to haul cross country?

Truth be told, in the first two weeks you need little more than diapers, wipes, onesies and more diapers. And of course the car seat. So I would recommend that anything else you buy you get online and have it shipped to someone in Utah. You don't want to miss out on hanging fun stuff, but why add to the hassle of moving?

Cassidy said...

Don't buy too many clothes that are smaller than 3-6 months. They won't last very long, and babies really wear only onesies (and pajamas) until they are old enough to go anywhere (6-8 weeks, or more if you don't like strangers touching your tiny baby, like me :) ).

Matt, Lorie, Roger said...

You definitely have the pregnancy glow and are looking great! I traveled across the country at 36 weeks (during the summer) without my husband-and I DON'T recommend it! Your baby with just sleep and eat your trip away, which is much easier.
As for necessary purchases, here's a list of my favorite gifts and baby items I bought and received:
Changing table
burp cloths, burp cloths, and more burp cloths
Receiving blankets (also used for burp cloths)
Church outfits
Wash cloths
Hooded towels
Baby lotion is the best!
Jogging stroller w/ car seat
Baby books
Things I wish I didn't buy or get:
Baby monitor (ruined my first month of motherhood, so I shut it off and put it away!)
Stuffed animals
Most toys-my son plays with everything that's not a toy!
Bassinet-I was adamant about my child not sleeping in my room, so he was in a crib in his room from day 1.

Tara said...

Things that keep me sane with a newborn:
1. Halo SleepSack Swaddler. For me it was an absolute necessity. I didn't have one with my first and she always had trouble sleeping. With my second, I just put him in the Sleepsack swaddler and it was off to dream land. Much better than trying to swaddle yourself and less chance of their little arms escaping.

2. Boppy

3. Swing. I recommend the Fisher Price Rainforest. It is one of a very few that plugs in. Nice to have to worry about batteries!

4. Soother Binkies just like the ones from the hospital

5. Baby Bjorn: so much easier to get things done around the house and baby can cuddle up next to you and sleep.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

A Boppy. Especially if you plan on nursing. And buy everything used unless you are rolling in cash. Baby won't care a bit. Have a few really cute outfits for going out and about for your own ego, but keep the rest really simple.

MiriamR said...

Ive learned theres a TON of stuff you really can live without so don't stress too much :) If you can't find a crib out in Utah in your price range, I would recommend a baby playpen. They fold down and you can take them anywhere as a baby crib. Eva still likes to sleep in hers (after guam we didn't want to buy another crib so we just used her playpen and have a toddler bed waiting) Anyway yeah the basics onsies and pjs to sleep in thats all they use for the first few months. Oh and our first doctor told us just to use store brand diapers for the first few months because they are only in them for 2 hours tops so there won't be any rashing from movement. Diaper ointment. I personally like bouncers and not swings but it all depends on what the baby likes. I definitly agree of the buying used as much as possible at consignment stores. You never use the stuff for very long and the person before you probably didn't either.

Oh and with receiving blankets I would suggest making them or having your mom make them. The ones you buy only last a week size wise so they tend to be a waste. So have your mom making them with that thin material but bigger.

Brett and Emily said...

You're the cutest pregnant momma!! :) I'll be on the lookout for good deals.

Brett and Emily said...

P.S. A breast pump would be a top thing for me! Lots of reasons that I will explain in person and not in public. :)

Recksieks said...

It looks like you got some great ideas from everyone so I wont add to the list but I did want to tell you
you look so cute! Thanks for posting pics of the cute belly. You look great!

Kimby said...

My new favorite burp cloths are cloth diapers, they are so thick they absorb A TON and you can get them pretty cheap. You can get them in plain white or in simple patterns too. Most other burp cloths are pretty thin and if you have a spitter you will go through them really fast.
Good luck! You are adorable!

Jen Ballif said...

Congrats! We're expecting around the same time (late April, early May). You've gotten some good ideas about baby things- I would add a doula for your birth; I just can't even adequately explain how much I loved the help our doula gave during labor, and then afterwards for breastfeeding.

Allison said...


You look so cute! A sling is the one thing I wouldn't go without. I think the boppy pillow is a waste of money - I wanted one with Ash, bought one for Paige and used it almost never. You know what I wanted this time but didn't get was one of those chairs/seats that help babies sit up. It seemed like you would use it such a short time, so I didn't spend the money, but I would love to know if its worth it. If you want a boppy (pink cover, sorry) you are welcome to the one we have!

Andrea said...

I LOVED the movie! It was better than I expected and how can you not love Jacob? I thik I'm going to see it again this weekend... ;)

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