Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day weekend

We had a very nice Labor Day weekend. We drove down to D.C. to spend time with Em & Brett. Since I'm still not feeling well, we kept it a pretty casual weekend. Given that I spent a lot of time just sitting on their couch, we didn't take a lot of pictures... but here's a few.

Kayaking on the Potomac River

Enjoying ice cream in Georgetown

Cory and Abby playing

It really was a nice weekend. We don't see nearly enough of Em, Brett & Abby, and so it was nice to just spend some time with them and have a relaxing weekend. We certainly wish that we didn't live 7 hours apart!


Andrea said...

So this is the DC trip that I didn't know you were going on when Utah State played Utah... Looks like you had fun as always! Did you see Utah play last week? So ugly!! I wish I could be watching football with you too! It think we'll have an interesting football Saturday.

Matthew said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! I know, I am way late, but just now is life actually slowing down. So I know you're sick, but we totally want to come and visit! What weekends are you guys free, starting with this one? We'll of course have to play it by ear, but it would be so fun to bring Jeaden and hang out! (plus you have a temple relatively close!). Let us know, and good luck with the sick...

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