Monday, December 8, 2008

Go Gators

Go Gators! They earned a date with Oklahoma on January 8th. In Miami. In the championship. YEAH baby!! They beat the previously undefeated, used-to-be ranked #1 team, 31-20. And now, ironically enough, that team (Alabama Crimson Tide) gets to play the University of Utah in the Sugar Bowl. Good luck Utes ... 'Bama is one good team. Go Utes, Go Gators!

Last night, I attended the Fayette Ward, 2nd Annual Interfaith Fireside. This was the missionaries' brainchild last year, and I'm so happy they organized it again for this year. They invited choirs from all the faiths in the area, along with the local high school's chamber choir (similar to Viewmont's madrigals) to our chapel in the Fayette Ward, for a fireside of Christmas music. Last night turned out better than anyone dared hope. Lots of non-LDS people came to the fireside. The songs that were performed were just lovely. The Spirit that was present was fabulous. So many non-LDS people filled out referral cards, while everyone chit-chatted over cookies and punch (we're Mormons - gotta have refreshments! :) Many even stayed to hear the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional. Such a great night!

For all you fellow Twilight fans: watch this link. It's too awesome!


Lincs and Ali said...

you are so cute. I had no idea that you were such a serious Duke fan! That is awesome... and GO Gaters!

Melvin and Carly said...

Glad your teams are doing well. I wish there was a blue-clad team going to one of those bowl games instead, but I guess I'll have to cheer for Utah just to keep it in the conference. Even though cheering for Utah feels WRONG!

I doubt that James was ever much of a dancer, but I bet those Cullens knew how to get down in the disco days! Edward might have even smiled a little.

Andrea said...

Yay! Go Gators! Go Utes! (Although I still feel that the Utes deserve the title...) What a great season! I love Christmas! I wish I could spend some of it with you but next year will be fun! And I don't think I could be any more excited and I can't end another sentence with an exclamation. Miss you!

Liz said...

Grrrr...I am still bitter about the Texas Tech/Oklahoma game and now even more mad that because they are in one of the best conferences, they can't go to a BCS bowl. Even though they are #7...stupid BCS. I am boycotting that game that doesn't matter between two teams who aren't even ranked in the top 10. I'm hoping others do to to prove to the BCS what a joke the system is. It should not be based on conference champs, because let's face it, you have some really sucky conferences out there! Wow, I guess I should have just made this my blog:) Love ya! Sorry, but I will be rooting for the Big 12 team in the national championship cuz it means more money for my school! Love ya! Merry Christmas! Miss you!

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